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March 2020 - An Important Statement Regarding the Coronavirus & Covid-19 for Our Extended Community

Dear One,

We find ourselves in deep waters, of the unknown, of retraction, a time of going INWARD and being with ourselves and all that we have learned and received from the sacred gift of our sacrament - 5-MeO-DMT. As the Coronavirus temporarily shuts down the mechanics of civilization, there are specific steps we, the collective membership of The Conclave, feel that we should all consider, as responsible practitioners and carriers of this medicine, to ensure the duty of care that we owe to our entire community.

This is not a time to be fearful or paranoid or to panic in regards to what is unfolding around the globe. We powerfully encourage each of you to be extremely prudent in how you choose to proceed with our sacred Work at this time and to do so consciously and cautiously and highly recommend that we all do the same. Either by considering postponing any specific work at this particular time or, at least, only working privately one-on-one with individuals and implementing procedures such as pre-session check-ins prior to arrival to make sure participants (or you) have no symptoms of COVID-19 (Fever, Coughing, Shortness of Breath, etc.), instituting temperature checks before participants enter your premises, appropriate social distancing when possible, avoiding direct physical contact with participants, wearing an appropriate face mask if necessary, regularly cleaning and disinfecting your hands, blankets, related tools and administrative devices (Lamps, pipes, etc.) even if only serving one person and definitely between sessions with different individuals. It is also absolutely critical to understand that individuals who may be actively carrying the corona virus may be asymptomatic and showing no signs of illness whatsoever and this must be taken into consideration. 

These are all just common sense procedures should you make the choice to continue serving at this time, which we highly recommend you consider NOT doing for at least the next few weeks until we see how this all plays out.

EntheoNation has also posted some guidelines for medicine servers (primarily ayahuasca but applicable to other medicines) on their website which we concur with and recommend to you for your further review:


To reduce the risk of novel coronavirus transmission in the medicine community, we suggest that you:

Consider cancelling ceremonies, retreats & conferences until infections drop and the public health crisis has passed
Improve the overall hygiene of ceremonies especially around the use of shared objects that come into contact with bodily fluids as a professional best practice
Share evidence-based information about COVID-19, including what people can do to stay safe and healthy
Prioritize the safety of ceremony participants over defending a strongly held belief system that the plant medicines can cure anything and everything, even if you disagree with Western medicine and public health institutions

Furthermore, we urge the plant medicine community to refrain from:

Minimizing the pandemic, as fear-based media hype or just like a bad flu (and not a big deal)
Spreading unsubstantiated conspiracy theories, as these create paranoia, fear, confusion or denial, which are unhelpful during a global public health crisis

While it’s critical that public health officials and governments contain the spread of the coronavirus, it’s equally important that we as members of the plant medicine community refrain from fear and panic, while doing our part to stay informed, safe, and prepared.


As your local community may need to self isolate or be quarantined, practitioners may need to seriously consider having other means of income available to you at this time, as well as being sure to put away prudent cash reserves, as you are able, in the advent of such times of challenge to keep yourselves financially stable should a hiatus in your sacred work become necessary as it seems to be doing now.

Moreover, this pandemic is not just a physical disruption of ‘business as usual’. This is a global spiritual emergency, and how we react is crucial to the emotional support and spiritual wellbeing of our tribe and the world at large.

Consider the species ego, and the parallels between the way we are being forced to let go of the usual egoic support structures - work, school, culture, etc. All of us are in the same dynamics of a 5 ceremony. The fear and apprehension. The challenge of letting go. The release. And the potential for a deep connection to Source that lies within; that the external medicine has always only been a catalyst to reveal within us all along. That sense of Oneness and Unity, that something bigger is in control, that it loves and guides us.

Find that space within you, now. Make it welcome in your being and trust in the relationship as it blossoms and unfolds. Encourage your community through whatever digital outreach or other means you have available to remember that space, to come together in virtual gatherings at this time of crisis and transformation, to nurture and support each other just as we have and will again in physical space. The global ceremony has begun.

In Perfect Love & Perfect Trust,

The Conclave

~ All is One ~

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