Here you will find the all the latest or featured updates from the Conclave including our most recent document releases as well as related projects we are undertaking behind the scenes to support our Mission & Vision for the growth and vitality of this vibrant community and our continuing dedication to global transformation and awakening.

December 2023 - A 5-MeO-DMT Vape Pens Policy Statement Document Posted

'A 5-MeO-DMT Vape Pens Policy Statement' Document - concerning awareness, education, understanding, ethical concerns and some potential risks associated with the use of vape pen technology for the administration of 5-MeO-DMT - has been placed on https://theconclave.info website

May 2023 - Considerations for Guidance Relationships Document Posted

'Considerations for Guidance Relationships' Document - concerning Mentorships, Apprenticeships and Trainings - has been placed on https://theconclave.info website homepage

March 2020 - An Important Statement Regarding the Coronavirus & Covid-19 for Our Extended Community

Dear One: We find ourselves in deep waters, of the unknown, of retraction, a time of going INWARD and being with ourselves and all that we have learned and received from the sacred gift of our sacrament - 5-MeO-DMT. As the Coronavirus temporarily shuts down the mechanics of civilization, there are specific steps we, the collective membership of The Conclave, feel that we should all consider, as responsible practitioners and carriers of this medicine, to ensure the duty of care that we owe to our entire community. read more ...

February 2020 - Update Section Added to the Conclave Website

This newest feature of the Conclave website allows us to offer the greater entheogenic community the latest happenings and offerings of our collective to keep the community up to date on our most current endeavors. Check in regularly and stay tuned here for our latest news and updates.

December 2019 - Inaugural Los Angeles Regional Gathering

A gathering of 9 of our U.S. west coast members in the spirit of “Communitas” to further solidify our connection as well as to discuss future regional growth and generating a greater sense of regional member cohesion.

Sept. 2019 - Formal Adoption of our Internal Communications Protocols document

After Full Member review and approval, the Conclave formally adopted our standard internal communications protocols for the use of our members.

Sept. 2019 - Official Release of our Ethical Commitments document

After Full Member approval, the official release of our Conclave Ethical Commitments document was added to the Conclave website.

Sept. 2019 - 4th “Fall Convocation” ~ Theme: “The Shape of Us”

Our regular bi-annual gathering hosted 12 members including 4 of our most recently inducted Affiliate Members. This convocation included a deeper community dialog and wisdom council clearly recognizing everything we have accomplished to date. How we have organically developed over time and a shared collective visioning process for the sustainable growth of our collective including how we may powerfully choose to impact, nourish and positively influence the growing global 5-MeO/Bufo Community for the future. Adoption of the Conclave’s Internal Operations Manual and “The Body” model outlining and clarifying the overarching structure of the collective with associated responsibilities and available resources. Appointment of our Communications Coordinator, Library Archivist & Cyber-Security Officer. Established our new Outreach and In-reach Working Groups. General discussion and planning of our upcoming Spring 2020 convocation gathering. We also held our regular rotation of Core Council leadership with the unanimous nomination & election of our newest Core Council Member by the Full Membership.

Sept. 2019 - Launch of Our Internal Conclave Library Archive

The launch of Our Internal Conclave Library Archive, a comprehensive, confidential, cloud-based, online library resource of a full spectrum of relevant research articles and related practical materials made freely available to all Conclave members.

August 2019 - The Core Council Welcomes Another New Honorary Member

Another application and letter of support was received and approved by the Core Council welcoming in our first “non-practitioner” Honorary Member; recognizing the necessity of a variety of multi-disciplinary contributions to the collective and that there are many ways to serve our growing community and movement.

July 2019 - Release of our Best Practices Synopsis

Online release via our website of our newly revised Synopsis of our “Best Practices” document specifically crafted to assist interested persons and potential new participants approaching this work for the first time.

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A Recommended Model for Best Practices Haga clic aquí para español


Best Practices Synopsis


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Integration & Suggested Techniques for Grounding



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A Recommended Code of Ethics from The Conclave


Considerations for Guidance Relationships

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Concerning Mentorships, Apprenticeships
and Trainings



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A 5-MeO-DMT Vape Pens Policy